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It's In The Color: How To Pick The Right Flowers

If you want to send flowers to someone, make sure you send the right message. You might not know this, but flowers have a way to conveying just the right message. But, you need to send the right flowers. That includes choosing the right colors for your floral arrangement. For instance, red sends the message of love and passion. White is often used for purity or sympathy. If you want to send flowers to a friend, yellow flowers are a great choice. Yellow sends the message of happiness and friendship. Finally, if you know someone who needs to slow down, now's the time to send blue flowers. Blue is the color for relaxation.


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It's In The Color: How To Pick The Right Flowers

Etiquette Tips For Sending Funeral Flowers

by Gabe Robinson

After a friend or family member passes away, sending sympathy flowers is a beautiful way to let your loved ones know that you are thinking about them in during this difficult time. If this is your first experience sending sympathy flowers, you might not realize that there are some dos and don'ts that come with this process. Here are a few simple tips to help you send the ideal bouquet of sympathy flowers.

Common Types of Flowers Found in Sympathy Bouquets

The choice of flowers for the bouquet is very important because there are common flowers that are sent to a grieving loved one and these flowers each have a special meaning. For example, a lily is commonly associated with innocence, while a red carnation is a symbol of your admiration. A single orchid is another common choice that symbolizes your eternal love for the deceased.

A combination of these and other traditional sympathy flowers can be mixed with other types of flowers that were beloved by the deceased. The flowers can be arranged in a traditional bouquet or in a basket with some treats, such as cookies or candy.

However, in some cases, the family of the deceased will ask you to send a donation in lieu of flowers. If you still want to send flowers, a smaller, more delicate bouquet is often best in this situation.

Where to Send the Flowers

Unlike funeral flowers, which are typically purchased by the deceased person's immediate family or spouse, the sympathy bouquet is sent directly to the home of the individual who has passed away, or the person who is the closest to the deceased. Always send the flowers before the funeral or within a couple of days of the funeral.

Do not wait several days or even weeks after the funeral to send the sympathy bouquet. This can be upsetting for the close relatives or spouse of the deceased because it is a reminder that their loved one has passed.

Attaching a Note to the Flowers

Finally, although it is not necessary, it is often best to send a note along with the flowers. Express your sympathy in this note and send the note along with the flowers. Include all of the first names of everyone in your family or that chipped in to purchase the flowers.

Send sympathy flowers is a great way to show the family of the deceased that you are thinking of them in their time of need. 

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